Pro 11 Startup Screen

Since version 9.5, watching Cubase launch has been less than exciting with the dull black splash screen with plain white font. Fortunately, this is something that can be rectified. If you like the former version screens better, here are a few choices you can work with. Just right click on the pic and select “save image as”.

Pro 11 Original.jpg
Pro 11 2.jpg
Pro 11 3.jpg
“You can actually change the startup icon that pops up every time you start cubase and it’s loading. Go to ProgramFiles–>Steinberg—>Cubase---->Startup. Or find your folder of Cubase if it’s located somewhere else and open the Startup subfolder. In there are pictures of startup, 2-6 depending on the version you have. You can change them with any picture of your choice or even edit them (outside of the folder tho) so that it says your name as well. For example if you use artist cubase, copy the picture you want twice into the Startup folder and rename them after the names of the original two pictures “…artist” and “…x2.00” delete the old ones and you’re good to go.”


nice trick, I will make a new startup to have some fun with a few of my friends for sure :smiley:

Thanks, it works nice.

I feel a prank coming on. :slight_smile:

Have fun.

I had that splash screen for 10.5, updated for 11.


Def an oldie but goodie! :slight_smile:

Ha! I’ve just nicked that! Thanks

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Love it! Actually Werner and Stefan are still working on each version of Cubase ever since. And Charlie Steinberg is developing in collaboration with Steinberg VST Connect and VST Transit.


The old guard is still here! Nice to read, thanks Matthias.

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Really nice vintage screen :slight_smile:
And … oh, how I would like this complete transport bar back!
So clearly arranged!

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OMG that bring back memories.

First, you need to update your computer: from ATARI to PC. Install windows 10. Buy update of cubase Pro from 10.5 to 11, install and register it and you will see a new screen more recent… (hi, hi!)

Great! Do you happen to know what font is used?

Not at all. If you want to write your own text, you can pick the existing letters and re-order them with photoshop, as I did with the version number.

So this is a Windows trick, right?
Nothing similar with MacOS?

It’s Windows for me but Mac has a splash screen just the same so you just need to find what folder the pertinent pic is. Not familiar with Mac architecture but someone who is may chime in.


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Brilliant! I searched and searched but could not find… and there it was! Thank you!

FYI I did some searching and the Cubase splash screen (start up screen) font may be called “haettenschweiler”.