Pro 12.0.40 : renaming track for Groups / FX / VCA tracks + History

I just found that “renaming a [Group / FX / VCA] track” is no longer recorded in the History list > no undo / redo available for that.
Still works for the other types of track.



Was it part of History in any Cubase version?

Hi Martin,
I think so, at least for Group & FX tracks as I never noted this before.
I don’t have Pro 11 installed here, I can’t say for 100% sure.

If it works for any other type of track, then I guess I doesn’t really matter if it worked before or not.


Group, FX and VCA are an automation tracks in fact. That’s the difference.

Yes but what has that to do with naming?
If I rename a track and I can undo/redo it, then this is a edit action and is part of the edit history?
What would be the logic behind not recording these edits just for automation tracks?

If someone has Pro 11 installed… please check :slight_smile:

A friend of mine just tested it with Pro 11 and… it’s not recorded in History.
My bad.

Yes, but just because it wasn’t present in C11 doesn’t mean, it is no issue.
Don’t really understand the logic behind this argumentation.


Then it’s not a bug, it’s a feature request. Add the tag, please.

May I ask again, why this should be a feature request and not an issue/uncompleted function? :thinking:

The feature is already implemented, which is that naming tracks get recorded in the edit history. It is missing for a certain type of track, even if you can undo/redo it by hitting the respective key commands.

Tj99 I think this is to put a priority on things :
major bug > minor bug / issue > feature request
Even if I agree with you that renaming history would be nice for every type of tracks, the fact that Martin said that Groups / FX / VCA are “automation” tracks means that they may have been implemented differently and don’t have the same “package” of functionalities.


Bug is, if anything doesn’t work as specified. As an end user, you can easily say this, of something was working and doesn’t work anymore. Or if you find the statement in the manual.

If you want to add something new (like renaming is part of history also got Group tracks), this is a new feature.

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so is there anything specified, that this does not work specifically for groups/FX/VCA tracks? If this is written somewhere, then this is understandable and definitely a feature request.

But in this case we can undo/redo name changes by hitting ctrl+z/ctrl+y, it just isn’t recorded in the edit history. I would understand, if we wouldn’t even be able to redo/undo it, but we can.
Every other action which we can undo/redo is listed in the edit history, or am I wrong?

An unintended behaviour of a program is automatically an issue/bug, thats what you learn as a developer. At least we did.
So how could it be inteded, that the existing edit history feature, leaves out specific tracks, if you can undo/redo them?

(I am not in front of my PC right now, but if I remember correctly, you can undo/redo name changes on groups/etc.)

No, Ctrl-Z does not work
If it’s not in the history you can’t undo / redo (with keyboard shortcuts I mean : ctrl-z and ctrl-shift-z)

Okay, I thought it was only about the record in the edit history and undo/redo would work.
The next question would be, why you cannot undo/redo name changes on these tracks generally, which to me seems to be an issue as well. As there is no logical explanation, why that shouldn’t be possible.

PS: You should remove the “resolved” mark on that topic, now that its a FR, otherwhise people cannot vote for it and perhaps DEVs think, this might be already working.


Not Yet Implemented :wink: