Pro 16S transfering Files to Cubase Essentials 6.0

Finally got around to getting my Commodore 64 running Pro 16 (Card 32) up and running and trying to transfer files to PC based Sequencer. Recognise file formats can not be read, so intend to play files and record into new package.

Have downloaded copy of cubase essentials and can get it to recognise midi input, but can not find a way to synchronise recording, to start and stop automatically. Looking at cubase essentials manual it appears it can not be controlled from an external Midi clock (my first thought) and I have tried setting the Pro16 to be clocked from cubase and believe I have set up the correct settings in transport synchronisation (including send start command) but no luck.

My primary objective is to transfer these files onto a modern platform, as children and other commitments stop me from doing much new in way of music.

Any ideas or do i need a different package. Have to say i love the ease of use of the Pro 16 and wish there was a version for PC (supporting MIDI Files) and remember now why i never upgraded when I first got a PC.


Ok I have done some further testing and I can get the Pro 16 to sync to a Yamaha RX11 Drum machine both ways (i.e. with Pro 16 or RX11 as master), but when I try to get the RX11 to sync to cubase it just hangs (either way).

So it looks as though the sync problem is with Cubase Essentials or the USB to Midi Ccable I am using.

I have been into the Transport sesection of Cubase and set Time clock to internal , chosen the USB/Midi cable as the interface, and then tried all permutations og the options and no luck.

Does anyone have any ideas. I only have the trial version of the software and planned to purchase it once I knew it would do what I need it to do, but I just can not get it to work :frowning: . I have also tried turning Sysex data on as this was sugested as a solution but again did not work. I believe that Cubase has to be the Master when using MTC.

Any ideas welcome


Well in the end the issue was a dodgy USB to Midi Lead, now all working as should, and started transfering songs channel by channel. Long winded but good to be able to move to modern platform. But now all is working habve fallen back in love with simplicity of Pro16s :slight_smile: