Pro 24 III Manual available

A gent on the sound on sound forum made the Pro 24 III manual available as a download some time back but since it was a raw JPG taken with a camera a bit big at 250 mb, I made a pdf version that is less than 10 mb
The User manual
The tutorial

PS. it is OCR’d and thus searchable

haha … thi s is madness! But also a piece of art, almost! :sunglasses:
I never used Pro24 but I’m a curious bastard so I had to look at how the OCR turned out.
The text IS searchable! :astonished: still it’s bent to fit the page? :sunglasses:
Very cool looking and functional.
You should talk Steinberg to let you create the layout for the Cubase 7 manual :laughing:

6 yrs later the link is not working.

Does anybody have a Pro24 manual they could upload and/or link to?