Pro 8 on Sierra

I’ve searched the net and this forum like crazy, but cannot find an answer.

Probably stupid question, but anyway, I want to be sure.

I have Pro 8 and upgraded my MBpro to Sierra a while ago. Due to lack of time I had not
tried my Pro 8 but now it doesn’t seem to start. Ok. Probably not compatible anymore and
my only solution is to upgrade to 9.

If so no problem but if not needed I would love to hold on to 8 for the moment. I’ve just
bought a new controller… so funds are really low…

Thanks for the relieving answer,

Paul(ogic) :wink:


Make sure you eLCC application is up-to-date. What happens, when you try to start Cubase? Does the splash-screen appear? What is the last “initialise” message you can see?

Thank you for your help.

I Updated the eLCC, I reinstalled 8 and then the update 8.0.4 but with no result.
Tried in on an iMac with Sierra, same problem. It starts but ends suddenly with an error.
I did not try any further and bought Version 9 Upgrade. Works fine now.

I only lost my Korg Legacy collection 32 bit VST’s.
Arturia V-Coll and Tal-Sampler seem to be working fine.

Now I can continue where I left off some months ago. I still have to learn a lot about Cubase.
I only got it for 2 years now. I was a L user (hence my logon name)

A bit academic for you personally, but for anyone searching for a similar issue might be helpful - I’m not sure about 8.0.4, but 8.5 works fine on Sierra. The odd crash if left unattended for too long but nothing major.

I’ve been talking with a longtime Cubase user (Studio guy). They had the same problem with 8.04 on Sierra.
They searched a very long time for a solution but did not find one and reverted back to the previous OSX.
But that solution was not an option for me as I have to much customers with Mac’s and I do need always to have
the latest OS for testing and so on.

I bought the upgrade because that solved my problem quickly, not that I needed version 9.
I was very happy with version 8.04, no issues at all for what I’m doing with it.

Its like steinberg do it on purpose to force you pay and upgrade. That is VERY BAD for both Steinberg and Apple since no windows users have any problem with that. They can run any version with windows 7 or 10. I wanted to upgrade to sierra in order to get Kontakt 6 but i dont want to upgrade to cubase 9. So its bad for native instruments too. I know i paied 500 euros to get cubase back then. Isnt that enough for the germans? I use it since ATARI. Same on you… (by the way Dom Sigalas is a great fellow man!)