pro 8 plugins not carried over from 7.5

Hi there;

I’m at one of those points where I don’t have any really important active projects, making it an ideal time to switch to pro8. Before I uninstall 7.5, I want to know if there is anything I might miss as a result of the uninstall.

I’ve heard Retrologue is not carried over. There was some concern that Groove Agent was not carried over, but apparently can be found in the “extras” folder or something.

Anything else?

And to that, what is the best way to manually do this? Copy the .dll from the C7 folder to the pro8 folder?


My experience with the young 8 is 99% positive but it’s way too early to uninstall 7.5. Just don’t :wink:

Hello axemanchris,

Retrologue is part of the Cubase Set and installed in the common VST3 path, you should not have any problems with it. Groove Agent One can be copied from previous Cubase versions paths over to the common VST3 folder (or the specific CP8 folder). Indeed, it is also present in the Additional Content folder of the ISO images / full installers (Win).

As per third parties, the paths will be imported automatically - if not, you can open 7.5 Plug-in information, take note of the scanned paths and add them to CP8. But this should not be necessary.

Agree with what marQs said, never uninstall a previous version which is working fine before you are 110% sure everything works more than fine on the new version as well.


Hi there;

Thanks a ton for the quick feedback!