Pro 8 will not load

I’ve checked all the known issues here. Windows 7 64 bit is fully up-to-date and all drivers are current. The Windows 7 Aero theme is enabled with all the functionality described in the thread on that subject. I’ve re-installed Cubase 8 and re-booted several times.

When I attempt to boot Cubase Pro 8, I get the spinning circle for a few seconds and then nothing. Checking Task Manager shows no Cubase application or process running. I’m open to ideas… 7.5 runs fine and 8 is running fine on my laptop.

Three days of working on this with no luck. I have completely wiped Cubase 8 with all its folders and re-installed the program. I have noticed that the %appdata%/steinberg folder for Cubase 8 is empty and that doesn’t seem right.

Can anyone shed any light on this? I’m heavily invested in Steinberg (Cubase, UR824, Houston), but this is really dimming the lights.

Since the %appdata%/steinberg folder was not populated on installation and Cubase 8 works on my laptop, I attempted to copy all the files in that folder to my Google drive and then down to my desktop. This did not work, and Pro 8 still won’t boot. However, it seems likely that the folder’s missing contents is at the root of the problem.

I also tried re-installing every component and that did not work either.

I am still wrestling with this issue to no avail. I completely reloaded the computer and now am getting the time/synch error message when trying to synch my elicenser. I’ve tried every trick I could find to get rid of the error message with no luck. I’m wondering if the problem is that the licenses aren’t synched so Cubase 8 refuses to boot. If this cannot be resolved soon I’ve little choice but to cut my losses and abandon Cubase.

Ah well… I just got an offer for my Cubase, so I’m out. My UR824 is headed out as well. Good luck gents!