Pro 8's Multiband Comprssor Side-Chain? Ref. doc. unclear.


Re: implementation of Side-chain (internal and external) in the MB Compressor. Confused…and the manual also seems to have errors.

I understand and use the side-chains well enough, this is not about that.

The stock Multiband Compressor has both side chain function and an internal side chain function, however, the documentation contains an apparent error or omission, that, or I’m a bit confused – which wouldn’t be the first time…

Here’s a screen shot of the MB Compressor I’m using in Pro 8 – just for reference.

Errors in the documentation?
As you can see in the snip below, on page 53 of the Plug-In Reference Document, two nearly identical paragraphs on Side Chain appear; It appears some important information about the plug-in may have been omitted? That, or I’m just missing the boat on what the documentation is saying.

Does the MB Compressor function, at the same time, as both normal side chain compressor and an internal side chain depending on which band is selected? If I’m sending signal to it on the side chain and defeat (mute or fade) the send, will the internal settings then take over?

I’m attempting to refine and imprive my handling of dynamics with Pro 8 and really enjoying what I’m hearing but 1) I could use some clarification on the SC functionality and 2) wanted to drawn attention to the apparent error in the Plug-In reference document.

Thanks for any advice on about this. :slight_smile:

The manual/documentation seems to be discussing both compressor with internal Sidechains and a gate with internal sidechains. I see the same descriptions in the Multiband expander section too and suspect there was a copy/paste error where a generic description was used that talks about gate sidechain, with the compressor/expander underneath this.
So I would say it’s an error in the docs.
Good catch

Yes, I’m glad you noticed that the same apparent errors are repeated in the MB Expander reference and perhaps elsewhere.

Now I’ll have to go try to sort out what actually is going on. It’s annoying that the documentation itself has a “bug.” The Multiband dynamics processors are impressive, the presets have helped me make better sounding mixes.

The company does itself and users a disservice by issuing erroneous documentation. I’d certainly like a corrected copy of the Plug-In Reference document.

Thanks for responding to this, Neil. .