Pro 9 > 12 upgrade, run 11 on USB eLicenser?

Hi all,

For software compatibility’s sake I still run Catalina on my 2018 Mac Mini. I never installed my copy of Cubase (Pro 9) on that computer.

If I was to upgrade to Pro 12 would I be able to install & use Cubase Pro 11 on my computer with my USB eLicencer? As that is the last Catalina compatible version of Cubase.

Steinberg state that those newly coming to Cubase 12 will not be able to run previous versions of Cubase (that used the dongle) but it’s a little grey whether a Cubase 12 license residing on USB dongle will enable 11 to run if one upgraded from an earlier version.

I hope that’s sort of clear…



I don’t know what you mean by gray.

Please read the document so you understand in the first person, rather than depending on other users. Steinberg Licensing: A New and Exciting Era Begins | Steinberg