Pro 9 "sound" in direct comparison to 7.5

I recall when reading up on the pro 9 improvements that the audio engine had been revamped and improved. I tend to scoff at claims such as that.

Today, for grins, I exported the same project from 7.5 and from 9, and totally unexpectedly the two mixes sounded significantly different!

The difference is primarily obvious in the way the kick drum sounds - it’s louder and deeper sounding in the Pro 9 render. I am not sure what to do with this information to tell you the truth. The 7.5 mixes are potentially final mixes for some clients, and if I decided to go with the 9 sound, I’d probably have to turn the kick down a little in all 12 songs.

I’m interested to see if other people hear this, and also would love to hear from anyone in the know as to what was changed and why.

Here are comparison files:

Interesting! Out of curiosity I tried the same this morning with 8.5 vs. 9, and there was no discernible difference (they didn’t null completely because there are some irregular effects I have, etc., but they were sonically identical to my ear).

On another note, by “audio being revamped and improved” I had hoped that would mean it was more CPU efficient, which it is but only by a very tiny amount – it still needs a lot of improvement to compete with many other pro level DAWs, in my experience with Pro Tools and Reaper, both of which are strongly ahead of Cubase with CPU efficiency (Reaper using the exact same VSTs) in my experience here.

I use external effects, so nulling isn’t a possibility, but I am a little surprised to be able to hear a difference.

Do you have Cubase hipass filter on the kick by any chance?

I seem to remember some kind of change in the hi/low pass filter slopes probably around Cubase 7/8. Could this explain the difference you are hearing? Were you using the filters on your kick drum? (Haven’t listened to the files yet).

Think we were typing at the same time! :slight_smile:

Didnt listen, but,

Could also be the new elastique…

Ya, any tracks which uses filters will sound different. That is most likely the cause that I have noticed in my own projects.

I don’t HP kicks. Also, no elastic audio, and no samples.

Pretty much all the EQ in the project is analog. I was working in 7.5, decided to try it in 9, opened it, rendered it. I changed nothing.

So you’re running out of Cubase via analogue and printing the mix back into it too?

No. I’m running 18 channels of external inserts plus stereo digital I/O to a Bricasti. Two of those channels are the 2 bus compressor. I just use real time rendering.

Haven’t checked the files, but I’d be surprised if you can successfully ABX double blind test them.

Any plugins which have been quarantined in C9?

And having listened to them I’d be surprised if anyone couldn’t :unamused:

Since some plugs/VSTi’s process audio differently with each subsequent run through, I’d ask OP to render/bounce everything to audio then make the comparison again.

If there is still a difference, posting links to the .for files might be helpful inn figuring out whey they sound differently differently.

Analysing the files it looks like there is a 2db boost across the low end and there are peaks (probably the kick) that are over 3db up at 35Hz in the 9pro mix. The rest of the spectrum matches pretty closely.

This isn’t something that could be caused plugin irregularity and I’m sure it isn’t audio engine change, I’d guess there is something not translating between version in the levels being sent to the external hardware or something.

If there’s such a big difference between versions then either there is a bug or the user did something very special.

In the past couple of days I’ve continued to refine this album, working in 7.5. I’ll tell you what. I will pick a different song,render it twice in 7.5 and once in 9.

The two in 7.5 would give a baseline of how much variability the use of analog eqs and compressors introduces.

Give me a moment…

Yeap there’s a difference, not in a good way either but to my understanding there shouldn’t be.