Pro 9 "sound" in direct comparison to 7.5

Not sure why ypou’re even considering this as an option. Analog variation does not cause 4db boost at 35Hz

If you want to pin down the problem (and I’m certain it is a problem…either a bug, or a setting incompatibility or something changed between your version settings), I think being a bit more forensic with the existing mix will tell you more than trying a different mix.

For example render the track (or a part of) with no kick and analyse the spectrum. (or upload and I can do so) I think you’ll find the two are extremely close in this instance. So then you have ascertained the kick channel is causing the problem…maybe check the levels being metered pre and post the inserts…remake the external effect routing, check no direct routing is doubling the signal etc, etc.

People mentioned variability - either plugin or analog - being a possible culprit.

I don’t believe I changed anything, and I kinda feel like opening an existing 7.5 project in pro 9 shouldn’t drastically change the mix. If I try it with a different song and come up with identical sounding mixes, then obviously something went awry.

And I do have one hypothesis. I use bx dynEQ quite a bit, and I noticed with that one song all the instantiations had reverted to the default setting. (very strange) I tried opening a different song in Pro 9, and all the DynEQs were fine, so I’m not sure exactly how that happened, and I’m not sure when it happened to tell you the truth.

Only thing that I know have changed from C7.5 to C9 are high and lowpass filters.
Even at the same depth, they sound / measure slightly different.

Must be a plugin being blacklisted causing level difference on the kick, or a bus where the kick runs through
There is no level difference between versions
Something got squeezed by a plugin in 7.5 and was bypassed in 9
Scrutinize your mixer, you will find the culprit.

If you’re using drums from NI’s Abbey Road series, routing info is often lost, doesn’t happen in Reaper or Mixbus. The first thing I have to do when loading any Cubase project with abbey road drums is go into the settings and route the kick drum back to the kick channel - it always reverts to default. This has been a problem for me since v7. :unamused:

Have you ever reported it?

I seem to remember Pro 9 notifies you when a plug in is blacklisted, right?

Anyhow, i ran the experiment again with a different song from the same record, got the same result.

Then I tried a different record with simpler mixes, and THOSE results were along the lines of what I might expect.

The culprit is the Brainworks DynEQ plug in. The drummer in the band is horribly inconsistent with his right foot, so i am using a couple of dynamic EQs - one for the thump, one for the beater, both attenuating. For some reason, if I open a 7.5 project with that plugin in Pro 9, it resets to default.

Good to know.

There you go, settings, not engine…

You had to gloat.

And it’s still a weird issue, because the change in the plugin settings only occurs when I open up a 7.5 project that uses it. In other words it doesn’t happen if I set the parameters in Pro 9.

It certainly demonstrates the perils of upgrading.

A little more research will probably reveal why this happens.
Is the plug vst2 or 3? Or do you have both installed?

Just vst2.

64bit, or bridged via Jbride? Bridged plugins often reset to default when loaded in existing projects.

I thought Pro 9 didn’t allow 32 bit. I never used Jbridge.

Correct, must be 64bit or VST3 then.

I googled this page after I experienced exactly this.
I´ve been working on an album for a long time, and I use Cubase for exporting drums from a drumset I´ve EQd to fit the rest of the project.
Since Cubase 8, I can´t use the drumset anymore, say If I wat to remove or add a snare hit and have to export the drums again, but now from Cubase 8, the exported drums doesn´t fit in the mix anymore.
The kick is the worst, it sounds less tight now, mor airy and at the same time more deep.
I reinstalled C7.5 and get the old sound I need. I have had that good sound since Cubase 5.