Pro demo with Elements already licensed

I’ve just downloaded the demo of Dorico Pro, but already have Elements installed and authorised via the e-licensor / usb stick.

I cannot see a way to start Dorico Pro, I know it’s the same app and that the license determines which version opens, but how do I get the Pro version to open so I can put the 30 day demo auth code in?

And, (this is a big “and!”) is it currently not advisable to change the licensing as the -e-licensor system was (is?) shut down at the moment - I do not want to not be locked out of Elements.

  1. Ensure Dorico’s closed.
  2. Open eLicenser Control Center (a separate application installed alongside Dorico).
  3. Press the green “Enter Activation Code” button in the top left corner.
  4. Paste your code in and follow the prompts.
  5. Run Dorico.

To the best of my knowledge everything’s back up and running.

Does the Activation Code go directly into the eLicenser, or does the Activation Code go into the SDA, which then issues a license code for the eLicenser?

(It seems the last time I upgraded–to 3.5–this dual process threw me for a loop, but perhaps it has been simplified since.)

I’m not sure. IIRC Dorico is always an activation code, whereas Cubase (11?) started issuing Download Access Codes.

Thanks @pianoleo - just put my mind at ease with the roll-back procedure please! I’m one of the unlucky ones who had huge problems with the e licensor and Dorico when I first bought version 3 Elements. I’d like to see whether I get on with the engraving features, but not if rolling back to Elements will cause me grief!

You can run Dorico as Elements by holding the Alt/Option key when you launch the application (just after you clicked/double-clicked the icon, just before the splash screen appears).

For “rolling back”, I guess you’d have to delete the trial licence from within eLicenser Control Center.

Again, the only thing to install at this point is the larger HALion libraries (if you want them). The Dorico application is already installed, and while replacing it with a newly-downloaded one won’t do any harm, it’s a waste of time.

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