Pro, Elements and LE ???

What is the version LE ???

On 3 versions are compared.

I didn’t found a link for Version LE.

I am a Pro user but because of the disastrous license strategy of Steinberg I would like to get a second Dorico Version for my MacBookPro.
I do not want to carry with me my USB dongle with 15+ expensive products from different sellers all the time to use Dorico on my MBP.
So I am forced by Steinberg to buy a 2. Version of Dorico.

Comparing the features the version LE would be enough for me but where it is ???

Which raises a question for me: can you open Pro scores in the lite versions of Dorico? (for instance, open but not edit, or edit only the first two instruments, etc).

LE will not be for sale, but bundled free with other software. It will have a max of two players. So probably not a good solution for most.

Which raises a question for me: can you open Pro scores in the lite versions of Dorico? (for instance, open but not edit, or edit only the first two instruments, etc).

Yes, as long as it’s fewer than 12 players. If it’s more, it will open as read-only.

That makes sense

I found this thread that explains too…

No, perhaps it will not be a solution for most. But it would be a solution for many:wink:

Now, guitar players can use the software and big orchestration is not more the only game in town.

To input some quick ideas I need a real minimal version of Dorico. Later I should be able to integrate this into the pro version…

Why not sell the pro version with a optional software license for the LE version that is somehow connected to the dongle version (means that you can exchange material only between those 2 versions). Would fulfill the needs for a lot of customer…

Hoping Steinberg is working on that marketing problem…because the time of dongles passes away…

I’m not sure what you mean. The program for all the versions is identical. The license just “unlocks” the different features in the different versions.

In Dorico 3 you can run the Pro version in “Elements mode” or “LE mode” if you want to check out how something works in Elements or LE. See the Release Notes for how to do it.

Yes, it’s true. Because the the program was designed this way.
The features I can compare on the Steinberg site, that’s not the point.
I just would like to have a further IF condition (or whatever Steinberg will present to solve this problem)
IF code=xyz then check if the version belongs to a partner USB license…and copy protect the document to this partner ID…
Would be a solution among others.
I know the real things are a bit more complicated but other sellers can manage this too…
I suppose what Steinberg wins in copy protection with the dongle they loose in market shares.

I wonder if LE might be a good option for clients?

I think for a 2 computer license it would be better to have the same “grade”. LE would be only a bad workaround for this old fashioned license restriction from Steinberg.
Even the Elements version seems not to have any Engrave mode. :frowning:

I tested it a little on iMac and MBP with switching the dongle…but…
The dongle is always there where I am not…:wink:
I hope Steinberg real ponder on an alternative license model.

We are more than pondering an alternative license model: we’re working on a replacement for the eLicenser, but it’s an enormous project that touches every one of our products and our whole way of doing business, so it’s not something that you should expect to see come to fruition immediately. We will be with the eLicenser for a while yet, but its days are numbered.

That‘s said, because at least for me the USB eLicenser brings more Pro then Cons. Not having experienced alternate solutions, I still see many more problems to come, we wouldn‘t have using the USB eLicenser instead.