Pro Tools 10

It looks promising. I understand the hate because a lot of people have invested a lot of money in their HD setups.
But AAX seem really good. Easy tho choose between native and dsp. A buffer system, clever software programmers have made a 32 bit program could use all of your ram. channel strip, fader realtime, gain on clips pre-automation.
Also streamlined codes vae made the program quicker. A swedish engineer magazine really like what the new version offer- Maybe it vould have been called 9.1
Anyhow. Steiny needs to come up with something really good. Listen to your customer. All those small thing that irritate a lot of users should be fixed. Steinberg offer crossgrade form pro tools to cubase. Are they getting nervous? I understand why.


No, we are not getting nervous:

Feature wise, Pro Tools 10 (€606,-) could be compared to Cubase Artist 6 (€299), having in mind that some features aren’t available in Cubase and others are not in Pro Tools. In order to reach a comparable scope of functionality as in Cubase 6 or Nuendo 5.5, the “Complete Production Toolkit 2” has to be purchased in addition to Pro Tools 10. That is another €1784,-. Total of € 2390,-

The whole “native” strategy is based on Steinberg technology (ASIO), which they do not promote publicly.

Almost all of the new functionality in Pro Tools 10 has been available in Cubase/Nuendo for a long time:

  • Multiple audio formats - Since Cubase SX 1 / Nuendo 1 (approx 10 years ago)
  • 32-bit floating point recording and mixing - Since Cubase SX 1 / Nuendo 1 (Even Cubase VST had a 32-bit floating-point audio engine)
  • Extra long-format projects - It is nice to know that Pro Tools can now handle projects longer than 24 hours. Cubase and Nuendo support projects with a total length of up to 30 days.
  • Low Latency direct monitoring - Direct monitoring is implemented by using our ASIO technology. Cubase and Nuendo have direct monitoring support since Cubase SX 1 / Nuendo 1 (approx 10 years ago), it was available before in Cubase VST.
  • Clip Gain - Again, Cubase and Nuendo have this feature since Cubase SX 1 / Nuendo 1
  • Real-time fades - The ability to create real-time fades has been in our software for 10 years.

The list goes even longer.

Ofcourse we need and will improve certain areas of our software like for example the mixer. These are things we are working on.



Aloha Chris and WOW!

Very kool.

C6 v PT10 no contest C6 win :stuck_out_tongue:

Now… once the mixer is brought up to date and “certain areas” improved we should have an other DAW winner, only thing is, I would love to have that implemented yesterday :laughing:

…and here´s a great tip for all Pro Tools users !!


Just curious, did anybody take advantage of this offer?

It’s kind of funny seeing how things have really turned upside down. Back when C4 was new, you had Logic, PT, and a couple others that really seemed to be the dominant DAWs. Some book I read even ranked C4 inferior to Logic! Now look at C6, the undisputed (in the eyes of the unbiased) best on the market. Remember when Cubase used to be around $1000? It’s kinda funny. ProTools apparently hasn’t noticed yet that the competiton has lowered their prices a bit since then. :laughing:

Really? It was back in 1999 when I was going from analog tape into DAW. I had some options: PT, Logic, Creamware TripleDAT (it was kind of cool), Cakewalk (no Sonar brand back then … Cakewalk was the brand name of the sequencer of Twelve Tone Systems Inc … just like Sonar is the Brand of Cakewalk company nowadays … eh?), SAW … and some others. The one I picked was … yes … Cubase VST3.6. And never regretted my choise … I picked up The Winner!

That was the “popular opinion” anyway, but you know how that is…

I like that list… :smiley: I once tried ProTools Free (for Win98 IIRC…) and I didn’t like it one bit. What really puts me off in any software is when it needs proprietary hardware - which Avid only recently moved away from. Obviously cause less and less professionals believe the hype for the money they spend on it. € 2390,-? Still a joke :smiling_imp:

Luck, Arjan

There were the times, when “proprietary hardware” significantly increased the power of your DAW, because CPUs were so weak…

N1 Chris, 1-0 Steinberg-Avid :smiley:

I know only of times when external or added hardware increased the power of your DAW; there was never a time when that hardware had to be proprietary.

Luck, Arjan

Chris, I´d love to see this list loooooonger, as every now and then we can´t avoid the “I am pro because I use ProTools” discussion with other fellows.

I always send them here:



So, the unknown is what are people searching for related to the daw of choice.

That graph indicates ‘popularity’ of search words - could also mean that ProTools leaves much more to search for, while in other DAWs things can clearly be found :sunglasses:


—>> the graphic don´t show the numbers of real sales (!)

—>> if the users have problems with their DAW´s - they write in internet forums (!)

so this graphic is unnecessary and misleading.


The word popularity is misleading. Popular meaning what? (derivation from population) Just a numbers game.
Because I see 100 people with 10 fingers and one with three then I deduce that the average number of fingers is 8.5 which is not what the average person actually has.

Your math is way off Conman, but the point is valid :wink:
Average of (10010 + 13)/101 = 9.93

Nice to hear the mixer is on the fix list.