Pro Tools 10

Great infos ;9 thx chris.

And again Roger s needs to check his signature he kills the forum lines :wink:

For Pro Tools:
They don’t want to pay for support from Avid. :wink:

Quite correct, bad editing as I started off with ten people.
But. The math IS still WAY off. :mrgreen: I’ll go dye my hair blonde. Green doesn’t suit.

Not to slag anyone’s daw of choose but FL Studio,Abelton,and GarageBand are really aimed at people who are new to digital recording . Just the person who would need to search quite a bit

Band in a box is a major secret weapon.

Nobody told me about the forum codec, so I am somewhat guessing…Is it better now?

Yep, you fixed it.

Wonederfull :wink:

Absolute proof that (Edit: MOST :wink: ) drummers should stick to… drumming, and never attempt to count beyond four… :laughing: :mrgreen:

I happen to be a drummer too Split :confused:

Oh well, em… sorry :smiley: there’s an exception to every rule :sunglasses:

Exactly, this drummer can count to 9.93, follow my lead! :sunglasses: