PRO TOOLS 11 and MR816csx

For some reason, I can not get the new updated firewire driver to stay installed on my computer. I am having trouble getting audio into my pro tools sessions as well as my cubase AI sessions. The Mr editor is showing signal passing, but when I record enable any track or instrument track-no audio is recorded.

I am able to play my nearfield monitors with itunes just fine, but then if I open a PT session, it seems to crash, I have to restart my MR for it to recogonize it…

Any suggestions guys?

Thanks Joe

Solderplate Studio

if you’re using it with pro tools, I imagine you’d need the MR editor/mixer window open to adjust the input levels etc

then set up pro tools inputs from the MR816 how you want them.

Are you sure the faders are all up on the MR mixer.


Yes…I set channels 1 and 2 to around -10. I am showing the incoming signal in the MR editor window…PT as well shows the incoming signal, but does not record it…

I am also not able to apply Phantom Power to any of my condenser mics

Ok guys, So update.after unplugging and the AC cord, and re connecting…phantom power and Pad are working now…

but now, a new problem is happening…

The MR 816 interface drops connection from the firewire port…what should I be trying next?

Ok…so hopefully…some one else has input for me…I got my interface to finally work. I can get stereo and mono microphone tracks into PT11 now…BUT

1)I still can not get instrument tracks to record in PT11 via the Hi-z input…

2)As soon as I go back over to Cuase 5 AI(after saving and then closing PT11)- I get an Error message in Cubase- right when it opens-see below in bold

The the IEEE1394 cable is in use in another application.

Any ideas guys? MR editor then shows the interface disconnected like its off!

ALSO…my MAC will not let me back into Audio Midi setup once it has done this so called “crash”…

Any help would be greatly appreciated…Joe

when using Cubase or nuendo the MR editor is redundant as all the controls are accessed from within the program itself.

your input channels in Cubase have a hardware menu where you’ll see all your MR hardware functions.

you’ll have to check it works with v5 as that’s very old now.


Figured it out…After re-reading the manual again…It states while in cubase, the MR editor will be off since cubase controls the parameters…

Since I amusing PT11 as my main daw…will continue to use the MR editor on the side…