Pro Tools 12 HD user considering switching to Cubase Pro 9

With my large film scoring template, today I reached the maximum number of MIDI channels allowed in Pro Tools. I’ve been considering switching to Cubase Pro 9.5 for awhile but I know and love PT so there hasn’t been a compelling enough reason to switch…until now. So, I wanted to toss out a list of things to see if I could get people who actually use Cubase to comment on them.

  1. I am able to have multiple video clips in my PT session and I rarely have issues. How well does this work in Cubase?
  2. With a large template, whenever I do maintenance on it, I have to constantly restart PT because it slows down very quickly. Any idea if I might encounter the same issues in Cubase?
  3. I use VE Pro extensively. Any idea how well the combination of Cubase and VE Pro works?
  4. PT added the ability to freeze tracks and do offline bouncing a couple versions ago and these were long awaited features. Do these work well in Cubase?
  5. In PT when mixing, I can automate any parameter a plugin makes available. Automation is very efficient. I can do it in touch mode or latch mode, I can turn automation on/off, I can see the automation lanes for each parameter. It just works well. How well does it work in Cubase?
  6. I am a Mac user, how well do Cubase and VST plugins work on a Mac?
  7. One feature I think I will really like in Cubase is retrospective recording. In practice how well does it actually work?
  8. PT effectively spreads the processing across all of my processors (in my case I have 24 virtual processors). How well does Cubase do this?
  9. What are some of the “gotchas” I need to be aware of in Cubase?