Pro Tools and Nuendo.

Just export PT sessions and noone will ever know.


It depends on the level of swapping that goes on with you clients etc.

I just came back from Pro Tools. PT is heading back to it’s old ways of “use our hardware if you want all the features” and liked the look of N6. I skipped N5.

I work in music and normally I just need consolidated files from 0 - end and that’s suffice. Logic has a great function of exporting all tracks as audio with the choice of stamping effects or not. Wish all DAWs were as thoughtful.

However, there have been a few times when I needed access to all aspects of a session… including plugins, automation etc. This is where things like aatranslator don’t reach the detail. Plus PT is hitting version 11… and it may take some time for aatranslator to catch up.

My solution is having a copy of Pro tools (non HD) and Logic to access files. However, if your clients are all PT HD based and you need to go back and forth a lot, your only real solution is have PTHD as well.


I’m doing a show now where the editor is using the latest Avid, and sending me AAFs (since his system won’t support OMF).

Once he figured out how to do a clean export - which took quite a few tries - I’ve had no problem ingesting his AAF files… either with N5.54 or N6.03. (The attached media are in a folder marked “OMFI media”, but it’s generated at the same time as the AAF edit list, and Nuendo finds it with no trouble, so I’m assuming the naming is just a minor Avid bug.)

PT & Nuendo have very differing capabilities and interchange formats even more so.
Now Nuendo & it’s XML 'track archive format contain far more ‘detail’ than any implementation of, OMF, AAF, ADL (AES31) or open TL.
Pro Tools 10 with it’s native PTX format is massively more capable than anything they did before.

AATranslator has always converted Automation. Eg from PT5, pts, ptf or Ptx to Stein-xml
Timeline Pan, volume & mute auto.
Re ‘Clip’ info:-
Mute, Lock, Fades /X-fades.
And now from PTX (PT10)
Clip gain & volume envelope.

BTW of all the above if coming from a PT OMF/AAF at best you may get volume envelopes. And rendered fades.

Does aatranslator now translation plugins automation?? Also bus routings?

No, all that is impossible unles you stay within the same application.


AATranslator does track routing to a limited degree between some formats. As far as a conv to Stein Track archive (XML) you will get Bus & Aux return tracks with any Vol, Pan, Mute automation.