Pro Tools conflict causing audio issues?

I noticed various threads with people having audio issues ie getting any sounds at all out of Dorico.

I just noticed an interesting phenomena related to loss of audio. I can’t prove that my theory is 100% correct and the correction of the issue may have had to do with the latest update… but…

Dorico audio was working fine with me on the initial release, and first update initially. I have only been using it intermittently as I am just getting my head around it, need chord symbols and cannot move my workload to it yet (but intend to). Seeing as it’s not critical for me at the moment I wasn’t really fussed when i opened it one day and I got no audio. I just shut it down and moved onto other stuff.

This issue continued for me until today when coincidentally I uninstalled a demo version of ProTools that had been on my computer for a month. My DAW (Cubase 8.5) has also had some weird audio stuff going on with weird crackles and pops where it’s normally silky smooth.

I hadn’t put two and two together until I uninstalled pro tools and: A) Dorico audio began to work again and B) no more pops and crackles in Cubase.

Now this could all be entirely coincidental but it is kinda strange. Maybe ProTools has some service running in the background (I’m on Windows 7) that is being disruptive?

I searched the forum for anything related to this but haven’t found anything - I apologise if someone has already brought it up and it’s been resolved but I couldn’t find anything…

As i said- not conclusive, and potentially a coincidence, but be interested to see if anyone else with protools installed on a windows system is having audio issues.

Pro Tools is a mess recently. You have to uninstall Avids App Manager and Cloud Services to be able to run Pro Tools without too many errors so I’m sure it’s messing up things for other apps as well.


Pro Tools can be a real fickle program … I have it running on a separate computer with a dedicated sound card so it doesn’t interfere with my other programs.

Avid’s App manager is another pickle … takes forever to log in, causes issues for Sibelius users, and to top it off, you don’t need it as you can downloads from the Avid website directly.