Pro Tools Control with Cubase 8.5

Hey Folks, maybe one can help…
I just installed the Pro Tools Control App on my iPad to use it longside my DM2000 and Cubase 8.5.
The possibilities with this setup are awesome! I always wished my DM2000 display to be somewhat more efficent and show me some more details of what im working on, at the moment. The iPad does the job. So far so good!

Here is my setup:
Cubase 8.5 running on Windows 10 (i7-6700k @4GHz, 64GB RAM, 5,5 TB SSD, 4k-Display…built in a laptop, btw. :smiley: )
Steinberg UR824
Yamaha DM2000
latest EuCon drivers

I only have some little issues.

  1. Track selection doesn’t work properly. Sometimes it selects multiple tracks, sometimes none. Sometimes it jumps between channels and like this, the whole thing is a little unpredictable.

  2. Is it possible to select multiple tracks? (and i mean on purpose, and not like mentioned above)

  3. Sometimes the “Tracks view” crashes Cubase with the Error: “Number of allowable hardware channels exeeded”. I already exchanged my router, and got one, that operates on a 5GHz network, but that didn’t change a thing. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

  4. When i used my DM2000 with Logic Pro, Logic was able to bank my DM2000. Means, that when i selected a channel in my Logic Pro mixer, the desk automaticly banked to the selected channel. In Cubase it just works the other way around. I would love to have my selected channel “in focus” automatically, on my desk.

Maybe someone has an idea? If i get these problems under control, this setup is just awesome. I guess after that the next step is a Nuage System. But i think i’m gonna wait, until Steinberg and Yamaha release a smaller Version of that flagship.

Thanks in advance!!