Pro Tools & Cubase looping

Today I set up Cubase on a spare computer synced to Pro Tools and it worked great. My intention is to use Cubase for MIDI sequencing and hosting soft synths and Pro Tools for audio, editing and mixing.

Cubase is the MMC master
Pro Tools is the MTC master

I hit play on Cubase and Pro Tools starts up and send MTC to Cubase, all is great except one thing!

Just for example, I set the loop in Cubase to 8 bars, bar 71-79, I hit play in Cubase and Pro Tools starts at bar 71 but when it gets to bar 79 it just carries on while Cubase loops back to bar 71.

Is there any way to get Pro Tools to follow the looping in Cubase?

Is there some sort of song position pointer or something?