Pro tools Dock and cubase 9

I just trying to set up Pro Tools Dock with Cubase 9. I can get it to run with pro tools, the eucon app see and work with ipad and DAW.

But when I connect it with Cubase 9 it doesn`t work. I have probably missed something in Cubase 9, but I cant find any information or help that makes me get them to talk together.

I have looked in in Avid and in this cubase forum but its about old bridge things and cubase 8.

Somebody that got a solution of my problem? To have cubase 9 to talk with the pro tools dock


Ok, got the device set up to work now, so it works with Cubase 9. Is there any already made soft keys xml made for pro tools dock or do you need to do it al by your self?


Hi newbie to Cubase here,

I have a pro tools dock and cubase 9 , could you advise how to get them working together. Also is there an app for the iPad for use with the dock and cubase ?

Many thanks.

The app to use in is the Pro Tools app, you can download it in the Apple App Store, it’s free, I use this with the Dock, and CBP 9…it is EuCon, so your need to have EuCon enabled in Cubase, or Nuendo…if works quite well FYI

Many thanks for the information. I had no idea that the pro tools iPad app could be used with Cubase, brilliant!