Pro tools files into Cubase

Any tips on getting overdubs recorded into tools, into cubase? Going to do this twice next week and wan’t to try and make it as smooth as possible…

I guess I could import the bwavs (if studio has set up their tools to record bwavs) and import and choose “move to origin”. However, I presume I’d then have to sift through loads of files including all the edits and everything. Perhaps get the studio to do a consolidate and then export regions as files?

I wondered about using OMF but I know not all tools users /studios have the export to omf option and I’ve tried it a couple of times and it didn’t work very well.

Anyone have any tips?

The safest way would be to have the studio render all the audio from the same start point as individual .wav or aiff files.

Thanks for your reply. I’ll ask the engineer to do that. We’re going to try OMF files as well just in case it decides to work :slight_smile:

Good luck with OMF…