Pro Tools Imports of Cubase Exported Audio

Hi All,

I am using Cubase 8.5 and 9. Just finished mastering of a 10 song album for an artist friend. He uses Pro Tools.

I never faced this issue before with anyone but I found this issue happening Issues importing stereo files from Cubase - Avid Pro Audio Community

I’ve never exported audio with the “L/R Channels” box checked and never had an issue with anyone I worked with till now… Thanks Pro Tools.

We finalized the mastering and I sent him 24/44.1 wav’s of all the songs.

When he imports into Pro Tools, it extracts L and R as separate channels and pulls them into PT as “A1 (left)” and “A2 (right)”

I tried exporting one of the tracks with the “L/R Channels” box checked and then it imported into his PT as one single stereo file.


  1. Is he ok if he just pans the A1 and A2 tracks Left and Right then does his CD quality dithering export into one single stereo mixdown?

  2. Is he ok with me exporting all the tracks with the “L/R Channels” box checked ?

Need to know before sending off for CD dupe and online uploads to CD Baby / online stores

Thanks guys

Cubase 8.5 and Cubase 9
Windows 7 SP1 Pro

I can’t be the ONLY one having this issue… can someone please advise?


Well the solution was already in your link but to confirm, the answer to your specific questions is yes and yes.