Pro Tools style automation possible?

I used to be a Cubase user for a long time before i switched to Pro Tools in 2015. Instantly fell in love with how easy it is to automate every specific parameter quickly without having to dive through menus to add automation lanes. Especially the drag and select and pull up or down. Also the fact that automation can show up on the same lane as the track itself instead of a separate lane which makes a big project look cluttered for me.

Has Cubase added these features in the recent years? Or do you still have to go through menus to add automation lanes for specific plugin parameters and sends?

No change, but you have always been able to engage automation Write, move the controls you want to automate. Then they show up in lanes, or use the Show used automation command.

One thing I am used to in pro tools is the ability to control option command click on a plugin parameter to quickly add it to the automation list, and then control command click it again to bring up the automation line on the track (and then control command click it again anytime I want to get back to the automation lane of that parameter). such a an easy smooth process for manual automation, that beats scrolling through menus. Does anything similar exist in Cubase 10.5? ie what is the fastest way besides manually starting to move the knob on the plugin to show the automation lane you want? So much automation I do i draw in vs perform and so I’m looking for the fastest way to access parameters. I see there are shortcuts for standard parameters like volume etc, but plugins are trickier…

Two options:

  1. enable the “reveal on write” in the automation settings and just click to parameters you want to automate when playback is engaged

  2. Most Steinberg plugins and some VST3’s (Fabfilter / plug-in alliance ) allow you to right click on a parameter and select “show automation lane” option

Select then split/drag works quite nicely. Yeah, it’s a keystroke extra, but if you’re mousing and doing your selection whilst having your key shortcut ready it’s pretty swift tbh…

Thank you! great to hear on the VST3 plugs. I’m not totally following on what “split/drag” means. Can you clarify?