Pro Tools time stamp stripped when mastering in WL montage

Not sure if this has been posted before but, I recently completed a series of mixes to picture in Pro Tools, mastered them in Wavelab 12, and pulled the newly remastered back into my PT session to find that Wavelab appears to have stripped my file of it’s original time stamp. Have others experienced this? Is there any way to retain the metadata of my Broadcast Wave File through the mastering phase in Wavelab? NOTE: I rendered newly mastered files from the montage window in Wavelab 12 when I experienced this outcome. thanks for any help or thoughts


Can you give a example what you mean with

[quote=“Bob_Rice, post:1, topic:896666”]
that Wavelab appears to have stripped my file of it’s original time stamp.[/quote]

regards S-EH

When you open a .wav file, and modify it (eg. though the Master Section), and save it or render it, then the BWF info is retained (unless you chose otherwise).

Now, when you create audio files from scratch, then the BWF info needs to be regenerated.

This is the case If you insert the audio file in a montage, and render titles or clips to audio files. Then some instructions are needed to feed the proper BWF timeline reference.

Maybe the easiest, is this procedure:

  1. Insert the audio file(s) in the montage

  2. Move the clips at the same position as in ProTools.

  1. Setup the metadata editor to have BWF timeline reference generated.


Thank you for taking the time to look at this. You’ve given me something to look at in my workflow.