Pro Tools user combatibility!

FYI: AATranslator got updated yesterday. It reads PTX (PT10 projects) now. Great tool. The developer Michael is also very helpful, so if there’s anything that AAT doesn’t do for you, just contact him. I have it running on my Mac using Wine. Works fine.

I’ll be testing PTX import tomorrow. I can let you know how it goes. For the last couple of sessions I imported I had PT10 render the clip gain before exporting as a PT9 project, because it would get lost otherwise. I’m anxious to find out what the new version of AAT is capable of.

I still haven’t tried to export from N6 to PT10. Never had to, but I’ll give it a go soon.

BTW: I tried every kind of AAF and OMF, but those sucked. You just lose to much information and the rendered fades just drove me nuts!

Good luck with it all,


I’m really liking this last update of AAtranslate, Now we can actually convert volume and a big plus for me is clip gain.
I also have been using SSL Pro convert ( a lot of money) , never got any support or ever seen a update that works beyond ProTools 7 ( windows)

If for some reason you have any difficulty or concern with ANY AATranslator conversion do not hesitate to contact me (via the aatranslator website) straight away so that we can take appropriate action to remedy the situation

Told you :wink:

Another large +1 for AAT and their support really is as good as stated here, if not better. The last time I had a problem with a PT file (loaded down with MIDI and instrument tracks) all it took to get a fix was an email & a wait of about 4 hours - bingo!

Nice, good to hear. Guess I’ll be purchasing AATranslator.