Pro Upgrade

I own 6.5 artist which comes with Padshop.

Can I purchase the pro version for the upgrade price with this or is there some limitation?

I wonder because I never had to do any activation for the padshop when I installed 6.5. So I can’t seem to locate any key number if the upgrade should ask.

I’m guessing that the upgrade installer will check to make sure either padshop (purchased seperately) or 6.5 or 7 artist are licensed??? I’m not sure.

Any help would be appreciated.


Another question:

The upgrade says to upgrade FROM padshop basic is 9.00
To upgrade FROM padshop basic+zerogravity is 39.00

Is this right? Perhaps this is endorsing that Artist owners get the upgrades cheaper???

I thought it meant if you upgrade padshop basic to pro it’s 39.00
If you upgrade padshop basic+zero gravity - then it’s 9.00

I’m so confused :slight_smile: