Did we really need the “Pro”, did Steiny have to jump on the bandwagon with “PRO Tools” and Logic PRO"? Cubase is so much tidier…

Hundred percent agree. The only good reason for it is for the brainless morons that might think it means something. What it really says is ‘If you buy this software, you are a professional’.
What Steinberg forgot to mention is, a professional what. Fill in the blanks : Professional --------------. The person with the best suggestion gets a promotion to PROFESSIONAL and a badge. (This means you’ll be promoted to professional with capital letters instead of the lowly lower case version.)

I always felt the full version needed a designation. We had cubase artist. Cubase pro clearly defines a more feature rich software and “Pro” clearly defines that. I ain’t losing sleep over it either! :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn nonconformists! :smiling_imp: :mrgreen:


It’s marketing - that’s all it is. And with the world in which we live being the way that it is - superficial, and appearance being everything - SB made a good move here, IMHO.

I completely disagree with that adding the word “Pro” was a good move. As a ‘grown up’ I’m both annoyed and insulted. It’s just plain silly to me. Steinbergs demographic is now to the very gullible? What’s for the next in version 9, they’re going to put "god’ in it? For the up most in stupidity, why not have Steinberg add a cloud feature, call it …

“Cubase, Cloud 9 for the gods”

Jeez, I just gave them an idea! … DipShlitz! :mrgreen:

Aloha guys,

Thought it had something to do with the new ‘VCA fader’ thang which was a
‘pro’ feature on hi-end mixing desks ‘back-n-da-day’.

‘A rose by any other name’.
‘Sticks and Stones’.


Have to agree with Woodcrest and Jarno here. I can’t count the number of times I’ve tried to help someone with their problem in “Cubase” only to be told afterwards they are using Artist or Elements or AI etc. and they don’t have that particular feature. Finally we have the ‘Pro’ designation (could have just as easily been Max or Full etc.) which will hopefully dispel future ambiguity.
Cubase alone is a generic name :wink:

OK guys you’ve swung me back a bit. I can see there’s may be a good reason to have something stuck on the end of Cubase. I was just in the mood for a good old rant. I think I’m more bothered that it’s Pro rather than anything else. The competition is still open, so get your entries in.

Cubase Yoh! The Rappers version.

Cubase Po For using while on the toilet.

Cubase Doh!

For all the Homers out there :laughing:


Showing someone a page in the manual with “Cubase only” in bold letters can’t be done without the person asking what that’s all about??? Then they roll their :unamused:

Steinberg could call it “Cubase Cucumber” for all I care. Just not Cubase and nothing more. It’s just sub par naming convention. For those who doesn’t agree … just STFU! You’re wrong. :wink:

Under the “Cubase/Cubase Artist” era I heard from at least two people who without thinking much about it guessed if the makers of the program add “Artist” to the name it must mean it’s something extra. Can’t blame them?

Ohh the good old days.

“Cakewalk - PRO Audio 9”

I still can’t get it to work… :unamused:

I think making the difference between the versions more obvious does no harm. Before it was Artist it was Studio, that was misleading too for some.

If it bothers you, then you’re not busy enough with anything else you could be doing. :laughing:

I guess I am pro-Pro :mrgreen:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I kinda had the same negative feelings (very mild ones) when I first saw the name . . .

Like - if you have to SAY you’re Pro, then . . .

But . . if they fix the MCU issues they can call it “Chopped Liver Pro” for all I care.


It doesn’t “bother” me, I just thought it was unnecessary…
I guess I’m outvoted…

It just helps them clarify the flagship version vs stripped-down versions, to newcomers.

For example, with Sonar X3 … Sonar X3 “Producer” is the flagship version, “Sonar X3” is the base version.

One might assume “Cubase” is the base version.

The “Pro” clarifies it. I think that’s good.

It also reflects their commitment to a more professional target audience, which is good for everyone.

I think it was a very smart move.

I’m vegetarian so it will have to be Mashed Potato Pro. Or maybe Tofu Pro or even Quorn Pro. I’m getting hungry now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Had the lord not intended us to eat the animals, he never would have made them out of meat!
And were we not mean’t to eat meat, he never would have made it taste so darn good.

I don’t mind the eating. It’s the swallowing I don’t do. You see over Christmas chewing on a reindeers leg. I just don’t swallow. It’s the meat version of ‘I didn’t inhale’. :stuck_out_tongue:
Mind you, the waft of bacon does still make me a bit moist. But Quorn bacon it will have to be for me.