Probabably not a new topic, but

I’ll apologize now if I’ve missed this (I DID search the forum topics first), but is ut possible to apoend individual flows to each other to create a complete score? I often write WW or brass quintet collections of induvidual songs in one work. For example, I wrote a ‘Jingle Brass’ Vol. 1 & 2 and ‘Winds of Christmas’ Vol. 1 & 2 for these respective quintets in Finale. I could write the individual song scores and then append them to create 1 complete score. I have now happily come to Dorico 4, and the individual flows are a great feature, but is creating 1 score from the individual flows possible in Dorico? And, again, my apologies if I’ve missed this in a previous thread.

Sorry for the typos. Fat fingers on my phone🙃

Does this page answer your question?

That does!. Sorry i missed it. I did search, but…
Again, your patience, personal involvement and response to us in this forum is even more impressive than Dorico 4😉

Thank Yiu!

BTW, I just downloaded the new manual for Dorico 4🙂

@laughreyg I’d recommend downloading the Version History for Dorico 4 as well, as the manual isn’t complete yet. I’ll also be updating the manual regularly over the coming weeks (and months), so if you’ve downloaded a PDF, you might want to update it every now and then as well.

Thanks. Will do. Again, you guys (and gal) are amazing!:slightly_smiling_face: