Probable bug: clef adds a small space before a note

When a clef change occurs, a small space is added before the note which makes a non-uniform spacing;

Notice how the spaces before the last A:s in RH are larger.
It can be fixed in Engrave mode but it is annoying extra work.

Removing the clef makes correct space;

I looked up some old engravings of mine in Amadeus and it’s worse there, so Dorico do very(!) well in comparison.

Sibelius is equally bad at it as Amadeus.

It would be nice if it could be fixed in a future Dorico version.

BTW, the first group in RH caught my attention. If we give each step a -1 value for below middle line and +1 value for above middle line, the group has a value of 2+4+(-1)+(-3)+(-1)=1 why the stems probably should be down, as Amadeus and Sibelius does it. I’m not sure why Dorico makes it stems-up. I have

Perhaps some rule I don’t know of is applied. Anyone that can explain?

To be honest, I find Dorico’s choice of using up-stems for both groups of 16th much more readable than the example from Amadeus.

(But I agree with you that, given your settings, Dorico should behave differently here.)