Problam with Activetion Code for eLicenser

I have a serious problam with Activetion Code for eLicenser.
The problam start when i make format the computer and i installed the Cubas again.
I’ve attached a picture of the error

Pls Help me
Tnx Dani

Hello Dani,

a license activation code can be used only once to download a license.

Your activation code was used to download a license into your Soft-eLicenser; the Soft-eLicenser was stored on your hard disk.
After formatting your hard disk, your Soft-eLicenser and your license were deleted.

Now, you need to obtain a replacement activation code in order to download a new license.
This procedure is called “reactivation”.

Please follow the steps described in this knowledge base article.

Hi Dirk
I followed the Guide step by step but It’s not working.
After I enter the old eLicenser code in the register category Still nothing happens.
I added you screen shots for my steps Please help me to understand what I’m doing wrong.
Photo 1 link :
Photo 2 link :

Tnx Dani

What license are you trying to reactivate? There is already a license for Cubase 8 Pro inside your USB key (first item from your image). There is no need to reactivate this license. Just plug your USB key and you are done. Simply as that.

This license

Tell us which product do you want to upgrade. Cubase 8 Pro?

first, i bought cubase 5 , with this program i got the usb stick
after that i bougth the upgrade of this program ( cubase 8 pro) and the computer make me trouble, and i must to do disk formatting to the computer…after the formatting i installed the cubase 8 again and the program dosent get the serial number of the eLicenser.
now i need from steinberg new serial number to eLicenser program.
help me please

The license is inside the usb key (Cubase 8 Pro license). Just plug the usb key and you are done. There is no reactivation process.

  1. download and Install the most recent version of elicenser software:

  1. Plug your steinberg key and run a maintenance

  2. Close elicenser software if everything is ok

  3. Open Cubase 8 Pro and see if it works (Remember: your license will open Cubase 8 Pro NOT Cubase 8.5 Pro).