Problem activating a Waves Plugin


I have a unusual problem and I’m seeking some technical guidance on resolving it.

Background: About 6 months ago I purchased a Windows 7 upgrade: to upgrade from Vista. I didn’t realize at the time that the Windows 7 upgrade would not totally replace Vista (just place it on a seperate partition). In essence the W7 installation sets up a separate partition with Vista existing in one partition and Windows 7 in another partition. I have since set up my Cubase 6.5 and all my plug-ins on the Windows 7 partition without incident and everything runs well for my single songwriter setup, evenusing an older Core 2 processor.

My problem: For Xmas, I decided to purchase a Waves plug-in to use in mixing. I made the purchase and attempted to download the plug-in using the V9 download application. V9 downloads and installs correctly on my H Drive HOWEVER: and here it where it gets weird: the Waves License Center does not recognize the partition where Cubase 6.5 is installed (i.e. the Windows 7 partition on my H: Drive). Instead it only recognizes the partition where Vista is installed (C: Drive). The bottom line is that the Waves plugin cannot be activated because it does not recognize V9 where the Cubase and the Waves plug-in are installed.

Efforts to Date: I worked with Waves yesterday and after extensive attempts to get the Waves License Center to recognize the H: Drive (to no avail), we decided to download the activation code to a USB drive. However, the problem was not solved becuase I still must use the Waves License Center to activate the plug-in and the Waves License Center is saying that it does not recognize the USB drive. What a dilemna (everthing for my system is set up on the W7 partition and Waves only recognizes my C Drive as the HD for the computer)…

Alternatives: As I see it, I have the following alternatives:

a. Wipe out 6 months of work, reformat everything, buy a single license of W7 and start over. (Ugghhh.)

b. Go back to Waves to see if there is any way that the USB Drive can be recognized by V9 on the H partition.

c.Try to get Cubase 6.5 to open on my C Drive (with Vista as the operating system - don’t know if this is feasible), and authorize the waves plug-in from my C: Drive. Once authorized, my problem “might” be resolved. The problem with this approach is that Cubase relies on files in the H Partitions Windows 32 sub-folder to execute. I am not an expert in this, and have serious reservations about copying and pasting files from the current H: partition to the C: partition without hearing from others who may be able to shed some light on the potential risks and benefits of this alternative.

d. Contacting Microsoft to see if there is any way that the H: Drive can be recognized as the computer HD instead of the C: Drive.

Any thoughts from “techies” on the forum would be appreciated. :cry: Thank you!.

I’d buy another HDD and install W7 from scratch. The upgrade is a full install, no need for Vista. Either that or wipe the disk after backing up important files. I wouldn’t try to run anything on the mess you have going now.

Hello Guitman: Simple is often the best answer. Thanks for your thoughts.

OK, here’s another thought. I think there was another way to install Win7 six months ago. I think you elected to keep Vista during the install of the new OS. I know it is always a B to install a new OS but i think you should to do it again, and you need to get the OS on the C Drive. There are some clever people out there who can avoid this C drive install but it is more typical to see the things you are experiencing. Every new program will seek out the C drive, why shoot yourself in the foot, you know?

So, go back to MS, search the site or google it, but find out that what I suggest is possible. I am very sure it was just a wrong turn by you as you went to install Win7. Also, you can put the Win7 install disc in your computer and ‘pretend’ you are going to install it and you might see the option that you missed the first time around. I know it’s a B but you have a messy thing going on over there. You do not need to buy a full version of Win7, you bought the right thing.

Thanks Mr. Roos. I have commented and requested ideas from the Windows 7 forum website as well. I am hopeful for a positive resolution to this issue. Now that would be a great Xmas present. Regards. If others have thoughts and suggestions, please provide them. I’m all ears.

Wipe out 6 months of work, reformat everything, buy a single license of W7 and start over.

This is the best solution (except keep reading) …but, I can’t imagine why on earth you would “lose 6 months of work”. Because you are incapable of backing up…? If so, pull the drive and use another one. Regardless, you will lose nothing but the afternoon it takes to reinstall and reconfigure the machine. And you don’t need to buy Win7 again–an upgrade should install. If it doesn’t–THAT’s your call to Microsoft for help. If you have a Vista disc/key there…and a WIn7 upgrade/key? They will tell you how to get it installed.

Install OS.
Install drivers.
Install Cubase.
Install plug ins.
Back up system using Win7’s ability to image itself to another drive.
Unplug from internet and further updating.

Do NOT ever keep projects on the OS drive…and you will have the ability to restore to a known good working point in minutes in the future. It’s an afternoon that ensures you have a working Cubase PC for years to come.