Problem Activating Cubale LE need help

This is what happened to me, still no answer from Steinberg support mail, so I create this new topic, I bought a scarlett focusrite studio pack, install the soft ok, registration ok, works all fine, problem windows 10 blowup my audio drivers and I install windows seven, I install all again but now I have a new elicenser number, but the Cubase is linked with my older elicenser, what can I do, thanks to all who can help me.

You say you registered your software…

If you did, then just go to your “MySteinberg” account. There is a place there to request a reactivation code.

I don’t believe that Cubase LE requires the use of the elicenser. It is a soft license. Meaning the code is stored on your computer. Not on a elicenser usb key.

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