Problem adding new VST's

I tried to add some new (highly) recommended VST’s to my instruments in Cubase 11. The VST’s were DSK’s “The Grand” and “Helm”. Both of these are 64 bit plugins. They show up in the plug in manager as valid VST"s. The issue when I pull up the instrument list they are nowhere to be found. I have never had this kind of issue before. As stated these are both highly rated plugins and I have not seen anyone else with this kind of issue. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

The Instrument list does not show all the available VSTi’s in the Plug-In Manager. Rather it only shows the VSTi’s in the Collection that is currently active. So in the Plug-In Manager, if you don’t add those new Instruments into a collection, you won’t see them in the list.

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I am sure that I clearly explained my issue. I will add some more detail to help clarify hopefully. I have created a list that I call “User” for both my VST Instruments and my VST Effects. These are the lists I always use to add instruments and effects to my projects. Previously when I added an instrument or an effect it showed up on the plug in manager and my list for either instruments or effects. Now when adding a new VST the only place it shows up is the plug in manager. I have to manually add all VST’s to my lists. I have checked the “Default” (even though I do not use this list at all) and again when I install VST’s they do not show up there either. How do I fix Cubase 11 so that when I add a VST plug in it will show up on the instrument or effect list? None of the VSTs I have added have shown up as “Blacklisted” either.

The first sentence in my previous post should say “I am NOT SURE that I have clearly explained my issue”. My apologies to all that read that as a hostile response. Sincerely there was no offense intended

I’ve been using the plug-in manager since it was introduced and in my experience it has never behaved like this.

And it has always behaved like this. Perhaps there is a setting to toggle between the two behaviors - but I’ve never noticed one before. Hopefully someone else will chime in.

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did you resolve this issue? I am having the same problem the vst appears in the plug in manager but I cant find them in the list. I have heard there may be an “other” folder but i cant see this either. very frustrating.

This is still how it works. I’d suggest reading the section in the Manual regarding Collections in the Plug-In Manager.

I have not completely resolved this issue. Make sure you hit the refresh button at the top right of the plug-in manager window (looks like 2 arrows forming a circle). Other issues I have encountered is that some installers install the VST2 plug-ins in some strange places. If you find where they were installed you can add that path to them in the bottom of the plug-in window. I have not figured out to get missing thumbnails to show up on the instrument list. Good luck. You are free to contact me. I am not l sure it will help your problem.