Problem After Time Stretch

Artist 8.5

I’m not even sure how to explain this. I used timestretch for the first time. Ever since, any time I import an audio file from anywhere, even into new projects, the audio file is faster tempo and higher pitch.

Did I accidently trigger something?

Probably nothing to do with timestretch…You have a sample rate mismatch.

Check sample rate of Cubase and of your audio device are the same.

I have a Cubase project called “Carlos” with 4 audio files in the project folder (created in Cubase). When I play these 4 files as 4 tracks, all tracks are correct tempo and pitch.

I created a new project called “Carlos Again.” I imported one of the audio files from the “Carlos” project audio folder. In the new project that audio file plays at a higher pitch and faster tempo.

But it plays correctly in the original project.

As Grim wrote already…

Yes sample rate in Cubase is set per project.

OK, so this is my problem. Somewhere I must have changed the default project sample rate to 48@24, right? I noticed the audio file import window gives me the option to change sample from the audio file’s 44@16 “to project” 48@24. What I understand from that is the project to which I am importing is 48@24.

I have never, in all the time I’ve had Cubase 7 and 8, checked those two boxes in the import window. Apparently my projects and audio files have always been 44@16. Some of my audio files were created in Cubase 3.

This started the other day (the day I time stretched). The only other thing I did is create a new project template. Not sure what I did to change anything.

I’d rather go back to the way it has always been. But I cannot find where I apparently changed it recently.

Another confusing thing. Sometimes when I import, it says “already in pool.” Where is this “pool”? Even when the audio was deleted from the audio file folder it seems to stay in this “pool.”

So you probably created your template at 48k. SR is set in project setup dialogue.