Problem after update Dorico 5.1.30

Hello, I recently update Dorico to version 5.1.30. I have a MacBook Pro 2023 with the latest update van apple i.c. Sonoma 14.4.1. Wenn I open Halion in the play tab of Dorico my MacBook my screen freezes and reboot. In the meanwhile the activation app from Steinberger opens with the message that I have no license for Halion 7. I had no problems with Dorico 5.1.20. How can I solve this problem?

That problem has already been discussed in other threads here. It’s a fault on OS side, so Apple has to fix it…

Welcome to the forum, Stephan. As Ulf says, this is a problem caused by a change in macOS Sonoma 14.4. We hope Apple will have a fix in the next Sonoma update. Please see this existing thread: