Problem after updating Dorico 5

Yes, it is really strange: now I pulled up a little bit every fader, and when I select a note it actually sounds, but when I hit “P” for Play, I get silence again…

Thank you!

Dorico (556.5 KB)

What if you create a new, similar project, does that make sound?

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No, it doesn’t! I have to move the faders every single time and I only achieve to make sound when I select the note. When I playback the music, it does not sound.

The default gain level in Preferences is still set to the minimum level, and that’s why you’re getting no sound on playback. The control you’re looking for is on the Play page of Preferences, and looks like this:

Drag that slider towards the right, as shown in the above picture, then click Apply and Close.

Now, choose Play > Playback Template and double-click the NotePerformer playback template to reapply the new Mixer output setting to your existing project.

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Thank you, solved! Now I suppose we have to wait for the next update (any idea about when it’ll be out?) to solve the problems with running the program and Font measurement…