Problem aligning audio to movie with different sample rates

hello all,

i have a video track with camera audio (bad quality and distorted), the audio track is 48KHz/16bit and on import Cubase converted it to 32bit.

Before importing the video, i created a new project, set the Project settings to 48KHz and 25FPS like the source video …

Then i have the recording made directly from the audio interface which is 44.1KHz/24bit …
when i import it, Cubase doesn’t convert it automatically so i went to the Pool window and used the ‘Convert files’ option to convert the track to 48KHz/32bit.

No matter what i do, i can’t seem to align the audio to the video, it drifts apart after a while. I’m still experimenting but wanted to ask here what the proper procedure is to do this kind of stuff.