Problem attaching XCode to Ableton

Up until recently I have been developing my VST Plugins in Windows using Visual Studio. When debugging, I have attached the Visual Studio Debugger to Ableton by setting the debug “command” to Ableton Live 10 executable – This worked no problem, allowing me to debug my plugin while running on the host (set breakpoints, read values, …)

Now I have switched over to Mac and am trying to do the same thing, but haven’t been able to get it to work…
In XCode, I setup the XCode Scheme Settings (Product->Scheme->“Edit Scheme”->Run->info) to use Ableton Live 10 as shown in the attached screenshot.
When hit “run” in Xcode It builds successfully and then immediately says “Finished Running Live”, without launching Ableton.

When I do the same thing using reaper instead as the host, it works: I click “run”, it builds successfully, then reaper launches and I’m able to use breakpoints.

Has anyone else had issues connecting XCode to Ableton? Any tips on getting around this?

I don’t have Live installed on this machine so I can’t check, but it’s likely related to GateKeeper and the permissions Live grants.
Here’s Apples docs what they would need to do for this to work on recent MacOS versions:

To enable debugging a plug-in in the context of a host executable, the host can include the entitlement if it also includes the Disable Library Validation Entitlement. Don’t disable library validation for executables that don’t host plug-ins because library validation protects them from loading untrusted code.

Recent Cubase versions set this accordingly, and Studio One will follow suite in their next update.
Here’s how to check from the command line:
codesign -d --entitlements - /Applications/
the key to look for are: