Problem batching Virsyn Plugins


Just wanted to raise a possible issues with various Virsyn plugins in the batch processor.

Both Virsyn plugins - Klon and Matrix cause Wavelab to hang. This happens in both 64 bit and 32 bit versions and on PC and Mac.

I discovered that if the batch processor has 1-3 files it will batch properly, but as soon as it exceeds that number Wavelab hangs and requires hard restart.

The plugins work flawlesly in the master section. I even tried to save a master section preset and load that into the batch and Wavelab hangs there as well.

Let me know if this is a known issue.
I will also report this to Virsyn.


Try this option:

Just tried it.
Same result.


Do you have any support contact at VirSyn you could give me?


Just sent you a PM with the info you requested.