Problem Beaming 16th's in 3/8

Hello all

Transcribing a Bach invention for a class I’m teaching, I came across a weird issue. In the pic attached, I want the right hand 16th notes all beamed together, same as in the left hand. I select all 6 notes and “beam together”, which works great. But, as soon as I tie the G from the previous bar, I get the results shown, with secondary beams. I can’t seem to find any option or preference to make it work.

ETA: I got around the issue by adding a hidden [3]/8 time signature. But surely one should be able to achieve this without a workaround.
Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 10.21.08 PM.png

You don’t need to hide the [3]/8 time signature. Just put it at the start of the piece and it will display as 3/8.

I wouldn’t call [3]/8 a “workround” - 17th-18th century composers usually beamed the 16ths in groups of 6, contemporary composers often don’t. Typing 3/8 or [3]/8 in the popover just gives you the choice of which style you want to use.