problem behaviour using VSTs

Might be doing this wrong or it might end up a feature request.

Working on long files eg 15 minutes stereo and I want to apply a vst effect. This process is not realtime which is annoying but not a deal breaker.
What is annoying is I can’t highlight a small section of the long file and preview various fx settings then select all the file and apply the fx. Instead the fx has to be closed, select all made, then fx opened and applied. This means I have to save the fx as a preset while trying out the effect on the small section of the file, then close the fx window, select all, reopen, select the preset then apply

Preferred behaviour is to try out FX setting on small section, keep fx window open, make new selection eg select all, then apply the FX that is in the open window

Is there a way to do what I want?

I use SL Elements. I haven’t found a way to do what you want. It’s annoying. I’ve been compelled to use FX presets (which I’ve actually set up in other programs) applied to the entire file right at the outset when I want to use VST’s. I finally gave up trying to get more flexibility.

I don’t understand why SL can’t be more like RX in the way it uses VST’s. Oh well.

yes it is annoying but early days in the development of VST functionality and I have confidence in the developer

It’s OK to be disappointed. I won’t be offended.

I agree VST support can be improved in that aspect.
The thing is, VST support in SL7 was implemented like all the other offline processes in SL, which are blocking dialogs. It never was an issue… until VST support :slight_smile:
This will be improved in a future update or upgrade.

thanks Robin,