Problem button mute

Hi everyone, I’m encountering a problem (for me it is) when I click on the “mute” button and that is that it is activated when the mouse button is released and not when the button is pressed as has always been the case in old versions of Cubase. This means that having a fast workflow, sometimes the arrow goes outside the button while I have the button pressed and it is as if I had never pressed it. Try pressing the left button on “mute” and holding it down, move the arrow out of the button, it goes off.

While I’m at it, I’ll point out another problem that all versions have, and that is, when I open a project in which I have left some tracks in “solo” and while I’m listening to just those tracks I put others in “solo”, these last ones that I put afterwards they are no longer heard when I deactivate all the tracks in “solo”, they are only heard if I activate and deactivate “mute” on the entire project.

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