problem combining staves of tied tuplets

I think I may have stumbled onto a (recent?) bug which occurs when combining tied tuplets.

In the attached screenshot, I selected the Violin 1 and 2 measures, copied them, then pasted into the empty Viola measure using the “Paste Special -> Reduce” menu item. Despite the violins having the same exact rhythm, the resultant viola measure isn’t uniform. I am definitely selecting the entire violin measures (including the triplet "3"s), so I’m not sure what’s happening.

This also occurs when using “Paste Special -> Move to Staff Above (/Below)” to combine the violins.

Interestingly, this is only a problem when tuplets have one or more tied notes.

Should be pretty easy to replicate this based on the above instructions, but let me know if more info is needed.


Yes, I’m afraid this is a bug that’s on our backlog for fixing. For this kind of material, you might find it quicker to use the Shift+I popover to add notes a third above or below after pasting the music belonging to one of the instruments.

Thanks, Daniel – relieved to hear it wasn’t just user error!

Unfortunately, the real-life intervals weren’t as straightforward as in my example, so the Shift-I trick wasn’t always applicable, but I found that by applying a keyboard shortcut to the relevant menu item (“Move to Staff Above”, etc.) and breaking up the selection based on the presence of ties/rests, it was still pretty quick to combine staves regardless of the pitches.