Problem commencing MIDI recording at desired time point

Elements 3.5
I had a situation where I would select an item (a rest), and then initiate real time MIDI recording, but playback would always start from the beginning of the score. (and it allowed me to overdub) Only when I closed the project & re-opened, did it behave in what I understood to be the normal manner - allow recording at the selected item.


It’s happened again. As best as I can recall, I had selected the one and only rest in my lead-in bar, and I was trying to live record at that point. I have a recording lead-in of 1 bar, and the record-head started at the beginning of the next bar, which I guess means that it was actually trying to record into the SECOND full bar, if the record lead-in was working. I then moved my selection point to a point later in the score, but it still wanted to record from that same, erroneous point. Not sure whether the lead-in was working or not - I didn’t think to test it.
To clear this condition, I simply deposited a note manually this time - that was enough.
EDIT: It’s in 4/4, and my lead-in bar has a half-note rest.

Recording with a pick-up bar should work just fine. By default, you should hear one complete bar of click, then the clicks for the beats of the pick-up bar itself, and then it should start recording at the notated start position of the music. If you find this not to be the case, please create and attach a minimal example case together with steps to reproduce the problem, and we’ll take a look.

Thanks Daniel. Yes, it is working most of the time. It may not be significant that I happened to be in the pick-up bar when the problem occurred this time. The first time, I don’t think I was in the pick-up bar.
If the problem occurs again, is there anything I could do to give you more information, while the condition is actually present?

If you can reproduce the problem at will, package up the project in a zip file and upload it here, along with the steps required to reproduce the issue. Thanks.

If I find a way to reproduce it at will, I’ll do that. In the meantime, would it be any use to use the “create diagnostics report” function, when the project is in the problematic state?

No, probably not, I’m afraid.