Problem converting from 4/4 to 3/4

Hi all,
someone sent me an xml file in 4/4. Now she would like it to be in 3/4 instead :confused:
if I simply change the meter I get this:

which of course is not what I want.
How to do it ?

Not quite sure what you mean - do you want all the quarter-note triplets to be quarter notes, in 3/4? Itโ€™s probably going to be easier to just rewrite it, rather than altering the file. Hopefully itโ€™s not too long!

If you do mean what Stephen said, and you want the triplet quarter notes to become straight quarter notes in 3/4 (i.e. each triplet now is one bar in 3/4), you can activate Insert mode, select just the triplet brackets of the triplets you want to expand, then delete the triplet brackets. The notes inside turn into straight notes, and all subsequent material in that voice gets pushed back to accommodate. If you need to keep multiple staves in sync, you might need to move notes on other staves around to get them back together.