problem.. CPU 100%

hi. im new 1 here . my gear (dm1000 yamaha +dante16 card +cubase 6 etc suddently i get this problem cpu 100% pc intel 5) what i can do

  • i realees space from harddrive but nothing.
  • i install cubase6 (customize)
    -install dante virtual soundcard but nothing… cpu gets100% any project
    best regards sakarikukko

take your system to someone who knows how to build a system and let them fix it…

I used to have this problem. To make it go away, I went to the Device Setup panel --> VST Audio System and changed the ASIO driver to anything else than the default setting. That released the CPU load somehow. Then I changed it back to the driver I wanted and the program worked fine. If this works, save as a new default so you don’t have to repeat this each time. Good luck.