Problem creating groups of percussion in Grid view

Sorry, but I think I misunderstand what’s explained there:

When I select my instruments, then click the “+” bottom (bottom left of the window, the one usually used to Add instruments), I get the usual window to Add a new percussion instrument. It looks like no group is created.

Am I missing something? Thanks for any help.

The colour of the button is important: the Add button for adding a group is in the action bar immediately below the arrangement of instruments in the grid, not the action bar at the very bottom of the dialog. The Add button for a group is immediately to the right of the word “Group”, which is at the right end of a series of options (Move, Stem direction and voice, Gap, then Group)

This should work.
First specify that you want a Kit.

Then choose an instrument to place in the kit (or to move an instrument held by the player but not yet in the kit into the kit).

(I see Lillie has beaten me to it, that is if you really wanted a group rather than a kit. So I hope you enjoy the pictures. :smiley:

Thanks to both of you. Indeed, Lillie got it, I finally saw the right button!