Problem creating library in Halion 7

I have this problem creating a library in Halion 7:

  • I have created my instrument in Halion 7
  • Exported as a VST preset with “as HS Layer” enabled
  • Imported in Halion Sonic and saved a preset named 'INIT"
  • Back in Halion 7 and created the library using the INIT preset saved in Sonic

As you can see in the screenshot when I install the library it creates TWO INIT presets, and the crazy thing is that one is script and macro page protected (as I have set up during the creation process), the other one instead both macro page and script are visible!

Screen Shot 2023-05-15 at 11.54.37 AM

Any help welcome

is this an H7 bug?

It could be that one is the factory preset from vstsound and the other is the user preset you saved in Halion Sonic and used to build the library.

What happens if you choose to display only factory preset?

Thanks! That was the problem.
I was really hoping for a more smooth process to create a library in version 7 but we still have to do this crazy thing to go back and forth from H7 to Sonic which is very easy to make mistakes, and honestly is nonsense!

Why Steinberg doesn’t give us developers the possibility to do everything inside H7, it will make our life easier and they will probably have a lot more people creating libraries!

I lost 5 hours today for this thing!

Thanks a lot for your precious help!

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You are not the first one to mention this and I see the point. But I don’t know… Maybe there is some technical reason for this.

When I want to create a library I usually create a dedicated project folder for it and put it somewhere where mediabay doesn’t see it (anywhere outside of Documents folder).

Then instead of simply saving a preset which would save it to Documents folder I export it to the project folder. After exporting it once you can use the save function again. It’s just the first time it’s important to export instead of save. This is the same for Halion Sonic presets you plan to use for the library.

Using a project folder helps keeping things organised and also prevents mediabay from seeing those presets.